Activity Creation

Create Activities

  • The activity can be computerized (e.g. anaglyph, symbol chart, etc.) or non-computerized
  • If it’s a computer activity, you can set the parameters for the activity.
  • Categorize the activity (accommodation, fusion, etc.)
  • Edit documentation templates for recording findings, performance, comments, etc.
  • Link equipment to the activity
  • Export the activity to a file to share with others or import someone else’s activity.

Edit instructions

  • Basically just a built-in word processor with all the standard functions.
  • You can insert tables, images, or custom HTML (for things like embedding online videos.)


Edit Documentation Templates

  • Each activity has a template used for documenting findings.


Edit report templates

  • These are automatically generated for non-technical users
  • Some basic knowledge of HTML and Python is required for customized reports