Therapy Programming

Create Pre-set Therapy Programs

  • Create already made programs with activities you commonly use (e.g. programs for convergence insufficiency and saccades, amblyopia, testing results, etc.)

Create Patient Therapy Programs

  • You can start with a pre-set program (and customize as needed) or build one from scratch.
  • A patient can have multiple programs, but can only access one at a time from home.
  • Set the amount of time they should spend on the activity

Instructions for Each Activity

  • Add some extra instructions for the patient if needed
  • Display the amount of time they should spend on the activity
  • Clinic logo and information automatically displayed at the top
  • Print them out for people who won’t be using the computer



Session Documentation

  • Used to document findings, performance, comments for each activity
  • Custom templates can be made for each activity
  • Documentation will be included in the reports




  • Reports are generated automatically per program part, activity, or session
  • Filter reports by date range or where it was done (home and/or office)
  • Custom reports can be made that will even do calculations.  The author, for example, has created reports that will automatically grade the TVPS-3.