What is it?

  • Tritheia is comprehensive vision therapy software written by Levi Zurcher OD FCOVD.  It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

What does it do?

  • Use the software at the office and provide access for patients to use it at home.
  • User Management:  Edit patient information, assign doctors and therapists.
  • Activity Management:  Create your own activities (both traditional and computerized.)  Edit instructions, activity parameters, documentation templates, and report templates.  Freely share these activities with others.
  • Testing:  gaze tracking, Hess test, fixation disparity curve, aniseikonia, scoring perceptual tests, etc.
  • Program Sequencing:  Create and customize therapy programs for each patient.  Create preset programs to start with.
  • Create your own word lists, stories, and images (for anaglyphs and presentation.)  Share them with others.
  • Keep track of equipment you check-out.
  • Generate reports to monitor patient progress and compliance.

Is it an alternative to traditional vision therapy? 

  • No.  This software was designed to help enhance and modernize a vision therapy practice rather than replace it.
  • Our visual systems were designed to guide the movement of our whole body in real space.  While there are some activities that are well-suited to the computer, we shouldn’t rely on it exclusively.

What’s with the weird name and logo?

  • Theia was the ancient Greek goddess of vision. The triple spiral logo is a triskelion, an ancient symbol that was used in Greece, but dates back to the neolithic era. It fits well with the visual process, which has three main purposes: perception of form, perception of space, and balance/body posture. It also fits well with vision as a dynamic and developed/learned ability, which why we can improve it with vision therapy!