What is it?

  • Tritheia is comprehensive vision therapy software written by Levi Zurcher OD FCOVD.  It runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux.  It’s currently being used at his practice in Olympia, WA.

What does it do?

  • Use the software at the office and provide access for patients to use it at home.
  • User Management:  Edit patient information, assign doctors and therapists.
  • Activity Management:  Create your own activities (both traditional and computerized.)  Edit instructions, activity parameters, documentation templates, and report templates.  Freely share these activities with others.
  • Testing:  Hess test, fixation disparity curve, scoring perceptual tests, etc.
  • Program Sequencing:  Create and customize therapy programs for each patient.  Create preset programs to start with.
  • Create your own word lists, stories, and images (for anaglyphs and presentation.)  Share them with others.
  • Keep track of equipment you check-out.
  • Generate reports to monitor patient progress and compliance.

Is it an alternative to traditional vision therapy? 

  • No.  This software was designed to help enhance and modernize traditional VT practice rather than replace it.
  • Our visual systems were designed to guide the movement of our whole body in open space.   While there are some activities that are well-suited to the computer,  sitting and staring at a flat screen 70 cm in front of you is not a substitute for many VT activities.